Guided tour Rocamadour : one thousand years of history !

           The best time to discover Rocamadour it's  early in the morning before it starts getting too crowdy and because at that time the light illuminates the cliff in which  the churches are nested.

If it's too difficult in the morning for you, the Marian City is wonderful at night thanks to a good lighting.


To tell you here the incredible story of this city of pilgrimage is simply impossible, do not forget : more than one thousand years of history ! There are many ways to deal with it according to your time commitment (allow at least two hours to visit). From the classical guided tour of Rocamadour to an interactive and playful visit or a hike in the Alzou canyon, there is no shortage of ideas for me to discover this exceptional site.  



Not to be missed in Rocamadour.

Hidden Rocamadour and unusual things

     Here some things that are going to astonishe you in Rocamadour, especially without any explanation.

The major events in Rocamadour

For the good hikers in April, come and try to follow the sheep transhumance from Rocamadour to Luzech.

  A 70 km hike of 5 days through the Causse (limestone plateau) of Gramat classified as a Natural park. The departure takes place at the bottom of Rocamadour city with the blessing of the flock.


     In may it's the cheese festival in Rocamadour to honor our local goat cheese the famous "Cabécou". In the local language "cabécou" means little goat cheese, easy no ?

Do you know that in the past, this little goat cheese was used as  money and even to pay taxes ?

You can buy them in the farms or on local markets (only in the morning). The farmers use the label as a directional sign to find their farms. Eat them during your stay in the Lot, our cheese is not made for a long trip.

The hot-  air       balloon meeting in Rocamadour takes place each year in September (the third week-end). With the first autumn delicate color variations, the take off of so many balloons from down the Canyon will be  a magical and memorable moment of your holiday in Rocamadour.

There are two flights each day, but the best for me it's the first morning one (good light and less people).  Now there are flights even in other sites of the Dordogne valley. For more information :  see here. Be aware that this event attracts many visitors, remember to get organised. Free admission.